New Lightning Protection Co. Call: Kevin Nichols (704) 530-1868
    New Lightning Protection Co.                 Call: Kevin Nichols (704) 530-1868

New Lightning Protection Co.

Your Lightning Protection Specialist  in Lincolnton, NC and the surrounding areas.

The wiring of your company or home is important. By employing the right technology, You Can Prevent Damage from Lightning to Your Structure!

At New Lightning Protection Co., we use proven technology to protect your property. Our professional installers will Design and Install a Lightning Protection System Based On The Design of Your Home or Building. We Follow Guidelines which have Been Tested and Proven By UL, LPI, & NFPA. It is VERY IMPORTANT to Design Your System of Protection to Make Sure That All Lightning Rods, Bases, Down Conductors, and Ground Rods are Installed Correctly. We Will Also MAKE SURE That ALL NECESSARY BONDING, AND SURGE PROTECTION ISSUES HAVE BEEN ADDRESSED. It is Important to Look at Your Home or Business & Perform a Thorough Evaluation of The Premises; So That We Can Design an  Appropriate System of Protection. Some Systems are Concealed (Especially If We Can Be Involved During The Building Process), Others are Exposed, or Semi-Concealed. Either Way, We Will Make Sure that You & Those You Care For are SAFE!

Every Structure is Important To US!


New Lightning Protection Co.

Lincolnton, North Carolina 28092


Phone: +1 704/5301868 +1 704/5301868



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We Install Systems for:
-Church Steeples & Buildings
-Golf Course Shelters & Clubhouses    
-Communication Towers
-Large or Historic Trees


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